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macabre gathering of nefarious poets

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JOURNAL OF THE MACABRE GATHERING OF NERFIOUS POETS society whose existence came about one day on a small hill beside the High School Building of a certain all-girls school somewhere in the Philippines, springing up like a flower between three friends: momipoyou, xxtwinky and t0mat0s0up. They, at that time, were reading Bram Stoker's Dracula, Anne Rice's Memnoch the Devil and Anne Rice's A Cry to Heaven, respectively. They thought up this society to answer the continually pressing call to buy more books.

Now, after two years from that initial set of burstings and moist recognition of something that could be meaningful, the society has expanded, has been revived and is now publishing its work privately.

credit must be given where credit is due and we welcome, with hot, steamy kisses, sinulatan who made the layout and who has joined the community a year after its initial conception.

Children are always being derailed from their innovative fantasies by things going haywire in RL. We were sophomores when the concept of the Literati came about. We were Juniors Seniors, with more apprehensions, more school-work and more potential to keep track of ourselves when we decided to continue it with sinulatan. We are incoming Seniors college Freshmen, now, and we have fully established ourselves as Children of the Revolution. We are proud of what we are, despite its many subtle hints at being less than Genius. However, we are possessed of the idea that Prodigy is about to take on a whole new meaning.