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16 April 2008 @ 11:08 am
For a few years, we were only children.

Welcome to the Macabre Gathering of Nefarious Poets. We are a group of highly inflammable pseudo-children attempting to exploit freedom by writing as much as possible, thinking as deeply as we can and breathing as long as we have the time. We are irresponsible, naive, corrupt and highly impressionable but we are, at once, capable of handling ourselves and rocking the boat. In this quiet space between your majestic romp through the rough taverns and sloping hills of the internet, you have managed to find a brief respite from grating indifference and, we'd like to think, the utter void that is elitism. We're dedicated to improving ourselves and the only guarantee is that, here, there is no apathy.

contact: foamreal@gmail.com